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About Us

We deliver integration, automation, and robotics

We are an automation and robotics integrator based in St. Marys, Kansas. With electrical and mechanical engineers, and electricians on-staff, we offer a full range of design, wiring and assembly services to industrial end-users, and continually strive to provide high quality services, on-time delivery, innovative and reliable solutions, and overall customer satisfaction.

Photo of KG Moat's Office

Photo of KG Moat's main office, located in St. Mary's, Kansas.

Our Mission

We provide outstanding solutions and products, on schedule, with exceptional employees, to customers across all industries.

KG Moats produces solutions and products of outstanding quality with a blend of tried-and-true technology and cutting-edge innovation. We strive to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations of craftsmanship, value, and delivery every time we serve them, making every project we do, large or small, an outstanding success for our customers.

On the broader stage, we believe in supporting faith and community, and we believe that our sustained success as a small business is the best way for us to make our small contribution to that goal.

We also believe that happy employees make happy customers, and the more success we have delivering top notch controls design and implementation, the more jobs we create for family, friends, and neighbors.

Our Values

Solutions that work. Employees who care.

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Build it Right!

Every project is crafted to be an excellent value to the customer. Do it right, with the right tools, matching customer needs!

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On Budget

Every project is designed to match our customer’s budget and their schedule—delivered on-time or ahead of schedule.

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KG Moats employees strive for excellence, pay attention to detail, and perform their work efficiently.

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KG Moats employees maintain high standards of integrity and treat every customer with respect and prompt attention.

Our Story

30+ years of delivering reliability, integrity & expertise!


The Start

Ken Moats, a master electrician out of IBEW Local 481, began as a one-man shop in Emmett, Kansas handling sales, quoting, accounting, design and build. His drive from the beginning was to serve the customer, and build it right. He was relentless in this approach as the years passed, and engineers and electricians joined the team.


Expansion years

Within several years, KG Moats & Sons had become a full service controls house. From controls design to installation, we were soon serving customers across the United States and around the world.


ISO 9001 certification

As KG Moats & Sons expanded its operations, Ken pursued ISO 9001 certification to ensure quality and codify our work processes. Months of preparation paid off when we passed our test with flying colors. KG Moats & Sons is now re-certified every year as part of our ongoing commitment to quality.


UL 508/508A certification

To round out our early suite of services to our customers, KG Moats & Sons became a UL listed panel shop with the ability to certify panels to the UL508A standard. We have since expanded our certification to include hazardous location panels.


Facility upgrade

Starting construction in 1999, KG Moats and Sons built a new manufacturing and office facility closer to home in St. Marys, Kansas. The new location provided much needed office space, manufacturing floor space, and upgraded facilities. It also provided easier access for customers and vendors.


20th Anniversary

The one-man shop was now a thriving business, but the principles of integrity, hard work, and doing things the customer’s way remained the focus.


Fanuc Authorized System Integrator

KG Moats expanded into the field of robotic cell design and build as a Fanuc robot Authorized System Integrator. As an ASI, KG Moats has access to Fanuc’s suite of cutting edge technical support and design tools. KG Moats is poised to lead the way in our region as automation moves into the robotic sphere.


30th Anniversary

KG Moats now employs electrical and mechanical engineers and journeyman and master electricians working on projects across all industries and around the globe. Whether robotic cells, conveyors and material handling, automotive, pharmaceutical, special machines, municipal utilities, food & beverage, or manufacturing, we continue to focus on high quality products, great service, and competitive pricing for our customers. We look forward to seeing what we can do for you.

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Agribusinesses rely on automation and integration solutions to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and ensure product quality. These solutions span the entire agricultural value chain, from storage and handling to processing and monitoring. Our expertise in automation, integration, and panel building, helps processors and agribusiness OEMs to overcome their specific challenges such as labor shortages, and increasing demand for high-quality products.


KG Moats & Sons is a trusted partner for major US automakers, with a deep understanding of the fast-paced and demanding automotive production environment. We offer comprehensive robotic solutions to streamline your powertrain assembly, stamping, welding, painting, final assembly, and parts production processes. Our expertise encompasses UL certified panel building services, stand-alone robot cells, and robotics integration into larger processes. We handle robot programming, cell safety system design and construction, and facility system interfacing.

Our experience in automotive material handling includes projects with vertical lift cells, skillet conveyors, electrified monorail systems, and inverted and overhead power and free conveyors.


KG Moats & Sons brings its expertise in process control, material handling, and automation to support the chemical industry's unique challenges. With a proven track record of designing and building control systems for material handling, KG Moats & Sons can effectively streamline chemical manufacturing processes. As a UL 508A certified panel builder, KG Moats & Sons adheres to the highest safety standards for electrical control panels in hazardous locations, ensuring the utmost safety for chemical industry operations.


KG Moats & Sons is a full-service automation and integration provider that can help you with all of your energy industry automation and integration needs, including process control, skid building, and panel building. They have a team of experienced engineers and technicians who can provide you with the expertise and support you need to successfully implement your automation project. They understand the unique challenges of the energy industry and they are committed to providing you with the solutions you need to meet your business objectives.

Food & Beverage

KG Moats & Sons is a trusted partner for food and beverage companies, leveraging their expertise in material handling, automation, and robotics to optimize operations and enhance safety. Their understanding of washdown requirements ensures their solutions can withstand harsh cleaning processes, while their UL 508A certified panel building meets the highest safety standards for hazardous locations. With a deep understanding of the food and beverage industry's challenges, including ensuring food safety, and meeting regulatory requirements KG Moats & Sons delivers cutting-edge solutions tailored to specific needs.


KG Moats & Sons provides turnkey custom control systems for manufacturing machinery, whether stand-alone or part of a larger process. From design through fabrication, we offer solutions for manufacturing applications such as filling, forming, machining, and assembly. Our systems integrate proven PC or PLC process controls and our engineers have extensive experience in the development of intuitive HMI’s that simplify interaction with your control system. We create flexible designs that allow for future system scaling and offer support throughout and after system implementation.

Petfood & Treats

As the pet food and treats industry continues to experience remarkable growth, KG Moats & Sons stands as a trusted partner, leveraging their expertise in material handling, automation, and robotics to streamline operations and enhance safety across the entire production process. With a comprehensive understanding of the pet food and treats industry's specific challenges, including ensuring food safety, and managing complex supply chains, KG Moats & Sons delivers tailored solutions that address the unique needs of this rapidly expanding sector.

Process Industries

KG Moats & Sons is a trusted provider of weighing, feeding, and batching process control solutions for OEMs and end users. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians provides comprehensive services to support your needs, including programming, HMI development, panel and skid building, equipment assembly, and troubleshooting. We have completed a broad range of process control applications and are confident we can help with yours.

Distribution & warehousing

KG Moats & Sons has extensive experience in the development of warehouse material handling systems, from simple ASRS solutions to complex conveyor systems powered by hundreds of motors. We offer turnkey control solutions, providing system design, programming, communications, and installation and feature non-proprietary software and off-the-shelf components from industry-leading manufacturers. We base our creation of material handling systems on two key premises: ease of control and convenient access to vital system data.

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